The 5 most serious mistakes while studying

Ignoring the efficiency of studying techniques causes us to make serious mistakes, leading to awful results such as bad grades. Below are the five most serious mistakes:


  1. Trying to learn everything the day before the exam. Students that generally don’t study at all until they come close to the day of the exam commonly make this mistake. The issue with this is that they must cover all the material that was taught over a period months in class.
  2. Trying to memorize the contents of books, without understanding. It is essential to understand what the author is trying to say and being able to explain it in your own words.
  3. Studying while lying down. Either on a bed, hammock, or sofa, in a matter of 15 min you’ll be fast asleep.
  4. Missing or not being attentive in class. Did you know that by paying attention and taking notes during class increases retentive capacity by 75%? This is one of the first steps I am suggesting in my studying method.
  5. Studying while listening to loud music. This is a common practice in young people, studying while listening to their favorite band. However, experts suggest it’s best to study in silence.


Did you recognize one or more of the mentioned errors in your studying? We have all made these mistakes at some point in our lives. But it’s time to correct what we are doing wrong.

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