Basic studying method (part 2)

  1. Summary


Use the highlighted material and rewrite each topic using your own words. You mustn’t perform this step if you haven’t read before, understood and highlighted the text’s main ideas.


As you rewrite using your own words, you’ll be obtaining concrete and useful understanding. Avoid at all cost memorizing by heart, unfortunately, most students do this.


Complement this new summary along with the notes you took in class.


Your summaries should be the only material you use for revision as you prepare for examination. If you learn how to do them accurately, you’ll save lots of time and effort.


  1. Revision


Revise your summaries and – if you are making use of the reinforced basic method – also revise the possible exam questions.


If you’ve got time, to do it out-loud; Perhaps, reading will be much slower, but it‘ll help memorize as two senses will be involved (sight and hearing).


Whenever you read out-loud, do it while walking. The reason for this is that movement helps brain function; Furthermore, moving will relax the back and neck muscles, which tend to stress the most during studying. Pronounce each word loud enough to hear yourself as if you were reading the news on television. It is recommended to hold a book with one hand and gesture with the other, as if performing an act of mimicry as you are reading. Without a doubt, this will help comprehend and memorize the focal ideas.


Once you’ve done all of the above, try to explain in your own words what you just read, out loud and without seeing notes. If you are unable to do this or remember what you just studied, then it is likely you won’t remember in a few weeks time on the day of the exam. This self-evaluation may be performed as a group, since the best way to exchange understanding is by explaining it to others.


Revision is a crucial part of this method. If we don’t follow and exercise our mind, time and time again, we risk forgetting everything due to the passage of time.


Then, I would suggest you set up a revision in the following manner: the first within the first 12 hours of class, the second revision on a weekly basis, the third revision on a monthly basis and the last revision right before the test.


Make sure to apply this method when taking different courses. I’m sure you will achieve great results before you know it.