Studying habits

What are habits?


A habit might be any type of act gained through experience and carried out systematically automatically. It becomes a practice or custom performed frequently. Ancient philosophers once said that habits are “second nature”; meaning that the nature of man could have either be enriched or impoverished, perfected or dumbed down, through habit.


There are good and bad habits. For example, bad habits we could think of are: smoking, biting fingernails, compulsively talk (without hearing others), leaving things for later or always blaming others. Take a moment and notice that people with these habits tend to do them all the time. For instance, good habits are: punctuality, responsibility, organization and cleaning.


Good habits are fundamental in succeeding in all part of your life. For now, you may use these as a student, but in the future, these will serve you as a worker, professional, entrepreneur or head of a family. If you wish to succeed, you may achieve it by having good habits that will guide you towards that goal.


Good studying habits.


We could come up with an endless list of all the studying habits recommended by experts on this topic, but let’s focus on 5 guidelines that will help your new life as a student and show the difference between the students you were and the one you have become.


I would like to remind you that not only must you to know them, but you’ll be putting them into practice every day so you may carry them out. Habits are gained through the perpetual repetition of acts.


  1. Organize your time, and make up a plan for daily activities.
  2. Pay attention to the teacher during class and take notes of what’s important (attention, this doesn’t mean writing down everything she/he says).
  3. Study everyday, preferably at the same time and place.
  4. Use a study technique (here, you’ll encounter several).
  5. Always have a positive attitude in life, even when problems occur (thanks to this, you’ll defeat the bad habits of fear, lack of motivation and defeat).