How do I evaluate teamwork?

Collaborative Learning activities commonly have several goals, including individualized learning, success in the team’s work and having a collaborative product. Since the support of peers in learning the course materials is the responsibility of each of the students involved, collaboration and individual opinion are two of the main assessment requirements in almost all projects. This includes, participating in class, attendance, individual preparation and cooperation, which includes helping others in learning the course materials.


An important role for the Professor is observation and monitoring of said groups.


By observing these groups of students, allows the professor to understand the quality of interaction within a group and see the progress in particular tasks. When you’ll observe these groups in a classroom setting, look for examples in which students are paying attention, having a serious discussion and progressing towards a common goal through collaboration by each of the members of said team.

Make use of technology to keep track of all the individual or group activities. The use of emails or learning softwares may be used in order to communicate progresses, plans or even decisions to the professor.  Monitoring teams that meet outside of the classroom may be done through drafting a group report in advance, with a list of such meetings, and all documents submitted during the project. Some professors will ask students to submit daily reports in order to verify that the team is fulfilling the work plan and progressing individually and in cooperation with the other team members.

You may assess individually, by team or by having a combination of both.